The Fine Print

Cranberry Square Books is a new, small, independent publisher. We do not currently have a pricing structure, services list, or distribution network, and currently only work with a handful of authors. Our services range from the minimal (encouraging noises) to editing, cover design and publication support, and are individually designed based on the needs of each author. We sometimes support books published by independent authors or other publishers, because all good, silly books are Cranberry Square Books.

Manuscript submission

If you have a book that is well written, engaging and funny, please send us an excerpt or blurb using the text pane of the Contact Us link. If we get hooked, we will contact you asking you for more. No erotica, please, no matter how silly. If your sample has lots of typos and grammatical errors we will assume that you can't be bothered and we won't be either, so do try to use that spellcheck.


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All material submitted to us remains the property of the author.